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Creating Confidence

Are you a new homeschooling parent who feels like they're floundering?

Or maybe you’ve been unschooling, but you’re not feeling that “into it.”  

Do you end up wasting too much time digging through threads on Facebook, or searching for answers in blogposts? Only to be left with more questions, so-so answers and so much wasted time!

I can help you figure this all out! 

And! It's not going to break the bank!

Just what you've been waiting to hear, right? 

Don't Do This Alone Anymore! 

Finally! You'll have access to someone who knows unschooling, will really listen to you, and help you figure out what will work best for your family!  

Plus you'll gain access to a private community of parents who are more aligned with this educational and parenting approach. (They aren't looking at you funny for your choices, or quizzing you on why you've chosen something "so unconventional!")

But wait! There's more!! ;) 

What are the benefits?

Private Facebook Community

Filled with parents on the same path as you! We've created an online community of support and encouragement!  

We share articles and inspiration throughout the week. Additional resource links from the coaching calls are often shared here - so members can continue the conversation together after the weekly chat.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Highlight of the week!

Video and audio group calls via Zoom, allow us to connect and feel supported.  

Sue guides the group through the obstacles members are facing, showing how unschooling can really work in families!

We help you find practical solutions!

Guest Speakers & Workshops

Get even MORE help from the special guests and workshops! 

September 2019: Workshop on "Why?"  

Past Speakers: Pam Laricchia Melissa Carnagey Roya Dedeaux Kelly Halldorson Pam Sorooshian Lainie Liberti Jeanne Faulconer 

Monthly Unschooling Guide

Each Month, I create a guide to help families dive deeply into a variety of topics= all from an unschooling perspective. It's free to members!

Topics have included:

NOT Back to School! Technology Record Keeping Testing Learning to Read Learning Math Deschooling

Only $20/month!

Join the Creating Confidence Coaching Group

And a little more...

Recorded Calls

Past guest speakers as well as recent coaching calls are recorded and shared in the group. This way, if you can't make the call, you can still listen in later! 

Monthly Strewing Calendar!

Everyone is loving this calendar! Jumpstart your creativity each month with a printable calendar AND links to follow up on the topics!

Video "Vault"

Sue shares videos including those from her conference talks she's done around the country.


I know what it feels like to need a little help!

About Sue Patterson

Sue runs the immensely popular Unschooling Mom2Mom website and social media outlets. She has helped thousands upon thousands of families find practical unschooling solutions to problems they've faced and obstacles that seemed insurmountable. A beloved conference speaker and podcast guest, Sue also has written books, courses, and articles. She knows what she's talking about, as she and her husband unschooled three young adults - and they started way back in 1996!  

Outside of the homeschooling world - if that's even possible - Sue loves traveling and bullet journals, but spends a lot of time playing with her 3 year old grandson! 


Amazing advice.

"Sue understands the fears I experience, and knows where I am in my journey. It's not one answer fits all, and she feels like a friend more than a coach.”

~Cheryl P., Manitoba, Canada


A Life-Line!

“This coaching group has been a big relief – just feeling that I have a life-line that I can use when times are difficult or doubts arise!” 

~Susan W., North Carolina  


Bring More Peace into Your Home

"I had the privilege of seeing Sue in action with her coaching clients last month when I was a guest on her weekly group coaching call. Sue really gets unschooling which isn't something I've seen in all the people who are out there talking about it. 

The kindness, patience and gentle guidance she provides for parents seeking to bring more peace into their homes is beautiful to witness. If you are looking to move more deeply in the direction of radical unschooling and find yourself needing more direct support....Sue Patterson is a fantastic resource." 

~Kelly Halldorson, New Hampshire

Creating Confidence A Group Coaching Program

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